Frequently asked questions about yoga

What does one do in a public yoga class?

Although similar to other exercise classes, there is a strong emphasis on mental focus, and the breath. We move through a series of positions while the instructor gives direction on the correct way to align the body. It is at once both rigorous and calming. Each class ends with a relaxation period.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?
No. Greater flexibility is a result of the practice of Yoga. The teaching staff of PBYC is trained to accommodate any level of flexibility. The great benefits of Yoga are not dependent on flexibility.

Can yoga help with chronic back pain, knee injuries, arthritis?

Yes. If it is taught with respect for your body’s present capacities. with time and correct practice the postures will help you create a healthy, strong and supple spine. The accomodation of personal circumstances is central to the practice of Yoga. Yoga postures can eventually align and activate the entire body. Nothing will be missed. Of course, if you have questions please call the instructor of the class you would like to attend.