Classes and Fees


Although similar to other exercise classes, there is a strong emphasis on mental focus, and the breath. We move through a series of positions while the instructor gives direction on the correct way to align the body. It is at once both invigorating and calming.

Each class ends with a relaxation period. We provide all the equipment.

The classes meet every week. You can start any time. See our schedule for class times.

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga
Email for current class times.

Prenatal Yoga is a great way to take care of you and meet other local moms to be. It can help alleviate common discomforts of pregnancy and help prepare you for childbirth and caring for your baby. This class also helps new moms gat back into their bodies and self care in the early stages of motherhood.

Levels 1 – 2, 1 – 3

For beginning students, our most basic classes. In these first two levels we teach the fundamentals of Yoga. We create basic hip and shoulder flexibility and an ability to do about 15 different poses.

Levels 2 – 3, 2 – 4

For strong flexible beginners and experienced students.

Level 3 – 4

For intermediate students. Vigorous focus.

The above intermediate classes offer a more athletic and challenging experience. It is at this level that Head Stand and Shoulder stand are practiced consistently. It is advisable that you have done at least 6 months of regular yoga before attending.


For Robert Gray:
1 hour
Drop-in/one class $20     4 class package $70
1.5 hour
Drop-in/one class $20     4 class package $80

For Amelia Pudoff:

$15 drop-in, $60 for 5 classes

For other instructors:

1 .25 / 1.5 hour

Drop-in/one class $18
4 class package $60

All fees are paid directly to the instructor. We are a small studio that emphasizes the importance of individual attention while learning yoga. We teachers feel that lack of money should not impede a sincere student. For information on scholarships, please call the instructor.